【ICFジャパン主催】ICF Coaching in English Group September Meeting

    • イベント名:

    • ICF Coaching in English Group September Meeting
    • 主催者名:
    • ICF Japan Chapter
    • 開催日時:
    • September 16, 2021
      7:15 p.m. ~ 9:15 p.m., with networking 9:15 p.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.
    • 開催地:
    • Zoom (link sent to registrants on September 15)
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    • 2
    • 内容:
    • The End of Life Coaching Approach: Supporting Clients in Dealing with Loss, Grief, and Death

      Presenters:Benedicte Franchot, PCC

      The COVID-19 pandemic spurred cross-cultural and executive coach Benedicte Franchot, PCC, to expand her professional skills in supporting clients experiencing grief and loss or facing their own or someone else’s death. In this interactive online workshop, Benedicte will show us how the End of Life Coaching approach can inform or shape our own coaching sessions.

      Here are Benedicte’s words about her journey with End of Life Coaching:

      For me, the pandemic was a wake-up call. So many people around me have confronted death and other multiple forms of loss—loss of predictability, loss of health, loss of control over stress, and so on. It has made me realize that we are living in a society where all forms of loss are hidden, where showing grief is not acceptable. Worse, we are acting as if death is optional. People are supposed to “get over it” quickly, and be “back to normal” as soon as possible. So when the opportunity to reflect on and level up my comprehension and coaching skills on these topics entered my radar, I realized the timing was perfect and I jumped into action.

      I am now in the certification process to become an End Of Life Coach. I am coaching people who are at the end of their life as well as people who are grieving loved ones who died, and I am applying the same approach and skills to any form of grief. I’m helping my clients to cope with the many losses that are inevitable in anyone’s life, professionally or personally.

      I invite you to join us on September 16 to discover more about the End Of Life Coaching approach, and how this can be applied in various contexts, notably in professional coaching to help clients who are in the midst of transition or transformation.

      You will learn:

      — Why we need End of Life coaches
      — What End of Life Coaching is and is not
      — The difference between End of Life Coaching and grief counseling
      — The types of clients and losses that benefit from End of Life Coaching
      — What to say and what not to say to the dying or the grieving
      During peer coaching exercises, there will be time to reflect on your own losses and those of your clients and to assess your own degree of comfort, courage and willingness to dive into these deeply emotional waters.

      At our meeting, you will:

      — Consider your role as coach in supporting clients dealing with loss and grief
      — Learn practical applications of your coaching skills to support clients on the topic
      — Coach each other with a focus on Core Competencies #2 Embodies a Coaching Mindset, #4 Cultivates Trust and Safety and #5 Maintains Presence
      — Earn essential Continuing Coach Education units

      For further information on and a definition of End of Life Coaching visit

      The Coaching in English Group is open to any coach or would-be coach of any nationality who uses or wants to use English professionally in their coaching sessions. Activities will be conducted in English. Please join us to meet other coaches working in English, earn CCEUs, and build a supportive professional community with an international flavor.

      Coaching in English Group meeting dates for 2021: September 16, November 18

    • 参加費:
    • ¥2,500 (ICF Japan members) or ¥3,500 (nonmembers). If you are a member of an organization registered as an ICFJ corporate partner, you may attend at the ICFJ member price of ¥2,500. Offer limited to two people from the same organization.
    • Special Note: Registration closes on September 15 at 5:00 p.m..

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