【ICFJ主催】ICFJ Coaching in English Group September Meeting

Coaching Supervision: What It Is and Why You Need It

Presenter: Michael Michael McCoy, PCC and Owner, Change Gear
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2018
Time: 7:00 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m., with networking 9:00 p.m. ~ 9:15 p.m.
Place: Bunkyo-ku Civic Center, 4F Meeting Room B
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CCE: Eligible for 2 Continuing Coach Education units
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So you’ve made it through coach training and become a certified coach. Perhaps you’ve earned an ICF credential. Now what do you do? How do you continue to hone your skills and handle the dilemmas that emerge in the coach/coachee relationship? How do you become more fully aware of what’s going on in the coaching relationship, and the system around your client and yourself?

Our choices for further growth as coaches include receiving coach mentoring and coach supervision. But what’s the difference between the two, and which is the right choice for your situation? (Hint: supervision focuses more on the being than the doing; becoming more mindful of who we are in the coaching moment.)

Michael McCoy, veteran executive coach and owner of ChangeGear, is a student of supervision under former ICF president Damian Goldvarg, and believes that this study has helped him become a much more present, masterful practitioner.

In this interactive workshop, Michael will explain the very distinct differences between supervision and mentoring, teach the four core tasks of supervision, and introduce Peter Hawkins’ Seven-Eyed Model of supervision. You will learn the importance of contracting and recontracting in the coaching moment, and how being more fully aware of your client’s environment adds significant value to your capabilities and confidence as a coach.

This workshop focuses on the Core Competencies #2 Establishing the Coaching Agreement (with emphasis on explicit—and repeated, in the moment—contracting) and #8 Creating Awareness (particularly of the system within which the client operates, relationships within that system, and the relationship between the client and coach).

Please prepare an unresolved (though not too complex) dilemma that you are experiencing with a coaching client, and are able to discuss in the workshop.

At our meeting, we will:

  • Experience Peter Hawkins’ Seven-Eyed Model of coaching supervision
  • Increase our awareness of transference and parallel process on relationships in the system, including between client and coach
  • Coach supervise each other, with particular emphasis on effective contracting, the coach’s awareness, and the supervisory relationship
  • Give and receive feedback on coaching
  • Earn essential, but rare, Continuing Coach Education units

The Coaching in English Group is open to any coach or would-be coach of any nationality who uses or wants to use English professionally in their coaching sessions. Activities will be conducted in English. Please join us to meet other coaches working in English, earn CCEUs, and build a supportive professional community with an international flavor.

Coaching in English Group meeting dates for 2018: November 15.